The Alkaline Chef
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Welcome to the Alkaline Lifestyle !
Andrea Rozsas better known as The Alkaline Chef is making a name for herself as one of the most sought out holistic chefs around. She specializes in creating nutritious and delicious meals that are also Alkaline.

Andrea welcomes you into the world of Alkaline meals  that will transform you from the inside out .

"The alkaline diet I specialize in is based on Dr. Bechamp's  and Dr.Enderlein's  research. According to their findings, it is very important to maintain the body's natural alkalinity and a proper PH (Power of Hydrogen) because a truly alkaline body enjoys great health and vibrant energy. Eating an alkaline diet can eliminate serious health challenges in a remarkably brief period of time. The alkalizing diet places great emphasis on the consumption of  high water-content vegetables, healthy oils and alkaline fluids."

"I chose to become a professional alkaline chef after I experienced my very own health miracle and since I have been teaching and cooking for people for several years now, I have seen numerous miracles in friends and clients."
                           Andrea Rozsas                                   


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